Thursday, May 13, 2010

a study in BLACK

Dot has been very persistant with her usage of black lately.  There will be a beautiful palate of colors in front of her and she picks the black.  It seems like she is testing the power of this obliterating color.  We were painting a card for her science teacher (today was the last class, sniff, sniff) today and not only did she paint it nearly all black but she continuously and methodically dipped the brush into the water, then the black and covered all the other colors until it looked like a pack of all black watercolors.

Yesterday, she was playing with a book that came with a dry-erase marker to draw on the pictures.  There was a sea turtle.  After coloring its eyes very meticulously and entirely black she continued to color all other semblance of life on the page black while saying, "the turtle's whole world is black."  It was a little creepy.

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