Tuesday, June 29, 2010

home-made lip balm!

I have been meaning to try out making some of my own lip balm for a while.  I am tired of buying expensive lip balm and it seemed like something so easy to make after the beeswax wood rub.

I didn't follow any recipe on this one!  It is just my wood rub remelted and coconut oil added.  It came out better than I hoped!  Hopefully I will be selling it soon!  The little wooden containers can be kept and used.


  1. i make lipbalm, too! i used to have a company making natural bath products... i LOVE the wooden pots. where did you find those?

  2. they are the same little pill boxes i paint. i think i got them at www.craftparts.com. unfortunately, i don't think they are going to work out. the lids are either too tight or too loose.

    what do you keep your lip balm in? have you been able to experiment with different textures and scents?