Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Little Story-telling books!

I recently painted these little open books I had ordered a while back.  My idea was that these would be great for encouraging story-telling or to keep a story going.  I wrote things like, "Once there was a little boy who wanted nothing more than...," or, "And then, a very strange thing happened."   I wrote in them with a fine-tip calligrophay pen but I think a regular fine tip pen would work better.  I went to the craft store to get one but ther were really expensive!! 

Here is one of my clothespin dolls reading one of the books. 

I was inspired to make this blog post by Counting Coconuts blog post today about storytelling!

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  1. These little books are so much fun! I'd love to know how you made them. :) Thanks for the shout out!