Thursday, March 18, 2010

bean bag for my babe

recently, i took Dot (my 2.5 year old daughter) to a story time at the local library. it was nothing like the one we used to go to. The old lady who dressed up like Mother Goose and sat on a rocking chair and knew my daughter from when she was just a few months old was transferred to another library and now only does story-time for the 18 month and younger crowd. boo.
so, we tried another library. it was ok. typical librarian lady in her librarian outfit (mostly polyester) and name tag. one of the songs included bean bags. each kid got one and was encouraged to place it on various body parts during the song. Dot became very attached to her bean bag. she held on to it for the rest of the story time and i only get her to relinquish it by promising to make her one later that day.

of coarse, my scissors were no where to be found so it actually took me several days to make her bean bag. I used the fabric from a crazy skirt I bought at a thrift store many years ago, even though it was several sizes too large. Who can resist a floor length, bright red peacock feather skirt? Apparently, not me.

Dot helped me fill the bag with beans from her sensory box. I really should have hemmed it in. It frayed pretty bad but she doesn't seem to mind.

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