Thursday, March 18, 2010

deer centaur

I love this doll and wish I could make many, many more! The doll itself came from a garage sale. Another treasure found by my mom and deliver to me. She was beautiful but all her elastic inside was dry-rotted and broken. She is a Madame Alexander doll. My husband tried to repair her but no matter how tightly he strung the new elastic we had for her, her limbs would not say in their sockets.

I took maters into my own hands and decided to make something I have wanted to make for a very, very long time. A centaur from cut up dolls. I had found an adorable deer doll at a garage sale the year before that just happened to be perfect for my designs. It had poseable limbs and was the exact right size for the doll. So off went the deer's head and the doll's legs. There was a thick wire that had gone into the deer's head that fit into each leg hollow of the now singular creature.

Dot was a little upset when she saw it but mostly because I wouldn't let her hold it than because I butchered her toys. It is my toy now. Haha. No, really I couldn't let her hold it because I still have not permanently fixed the two bodies together and they will fall apart easily. Fluffy stuffed animal guts everywhere. And I have a strange affinity for the beautiful doll that makes me protective (although as I write this I feel like a selfish mama, sigh).

Anyway, there she is.

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