Saturday, April 10, 2010

Beautiful day for a boat ride

We were lucky enough to spend over an hour out on my parents' boat today. The weather was beautiful. Warm (hot is the sun when going through no wake zones) with a cool breeze. We saw a few dolphins. Dottie really enjoyed it. She has been hit-and-miss in the past on the boat. Sometimes she is scared to go fast, other times she hates to go slow. This time she wanted to go fast the whole time and to sit by herself with no one holding on to her. She is getting so brave lately.
At 2.5 she is starting to get interested in climbing the ladders and going down the slides at the playground. We try hard to encourage her lightly but never to push her, and she is starting to enjoy these things on her own. It is always interesting for me to see how kids much younger than Dot are so confident on the playground and she so unsteady. Early to talk, slow to walk? Sensory Integration Dysfunction? I don't really care. I just try to be sensitive to her needs and not slap on the label 'stubborn' or 'spoiled' when she reacts to things differently than other kids seem to (or than i want her to).

I wish i had some pictures from the boat ride. My camera kinda sucks and it is hard for me to remember to lug it around.

Tonight we are going to a party at a local art gallery/vintage boutique where i try to sell my painted dolls ans stuff. There is going to be a craft table for kids, live bands, food, drinks, and living art (people painted head to toe). Should be fun.

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