Saturday, April 10, 2010


I love playsilks!  Dot has had so much fun playing with them and they fill me a really wholsome feeling whenever she asks to get them out.  I, being of the crafty and rather poor persuasion, could not buy them at $10 a peice.  Instead I bought the plain silk scarves from Dharma Trading Company and dyed them myself using food coloring.  The colors really come out bright and I love the feel of the silk and the way they float in the air.  I decided to make some to sell and so far, almost all of my etsy sales have been playsilks.  It is kind of discouraging that my dolls don't sell but the profit I have made from the silks has enabled me to buy more wooden supplies...
and so I have these new doll-types.  I decided they should be fairies.  These prototypes will likely stay here and become Dot's toys.  She had fun with them the other day.  The were eating plates of salad and tending their mushroom garden.

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