Monday, April 12, 2010

Beautiful Sunday Evening at the Beach

We had been meaning to make it to the beach for a few weeks now.  The weather is just how I like it forthe beach: warm but with a cool breeze and the water is still to cold to really swim in but great for walking.  I love the feeling of cold water on my feet.  It feels crisp and clean.  The ocean water in late summer here is warm like a bath and grimey and smelly.  But this time I leave the beach feeling refreshed, if a bit sandy and greasy from sunblock. 
We brought sandwitches for an early beach supper.  It was fun and satisfying to eat on the blanket and then walk to the water and see what we could discover.  We found lots of living conchs, snails, and sea combs.  I found an entire sea urchin shell and there was a jellyfish washed up on the shore.

Dot was most interested in the jelly.  She wanted to touch it but I was afraid she could still get stung even if it was dead so she settled for dropping shells on it and laughing about how they bounced away.

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