Sunday, April 18, 2010

Wonder Studio Animal Encounter!!

Dottie and I take classes at the The Wonder Studio.  The instructor is a friend of mine and we have been lucky enough to be able to first take Wonder Art and now Wonder Science with her.  There was a special class today where the kids got to interact with a bunch of rather unusual animals.  There was a terantual, squorpion, lizard, turtle, alligator, hedgehog, frog, and 11ft bermeese python!


  1. Just popping over after seeing your comment on my blog (thanks by the way!) and I'm so glad I did! Looks like you have a lovely blog - I'm off to take a look around now. :)

    PS: your little girl is adorable!

    Counting Coconuts

  2. Thanks, Mari-Ann! I have been following your blog for a while now and love it! I just started this blog (my first and only one) so there isn't that much to see, yet!

  3. Saw your blog on the Outdoor Challenge...
    What a neat expereince for you daughter. My girl would have loved all those critters!

  4. it was a lot of fun! we love her science class! today, earth day, we planted a butterfly garden just outside her classroom. i wish i could find some time to post a few pictures....super busy the past week!